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This is the current GUI of the plugin (release 2.1.0).
The left column contains a command panel with some buttons to control the plugin, a text panel to show some useful info about the ROI and a histogram of the Roi values.

8bit color mode
It's possible to load image using the 8bit color mode.

image sequences
It's possible to load image sequences and work on every single image.

Comparison with other image programs:

Selecting a lymphoma with Photoshop by Adobe As it can be seen from the screenshot on the right, Photoshop wand can select the region with a certain degree of approximation but, in the ROI there are also parts that belong to different organs.

Selecting a lymphoma with Gimp Gimp provides a better approximation of the region with respect to Photoshop, but parts of ROI are missing.

Selecting a lymphoma with Yawi 2D for ImageJ The selection isn't just visually better and easier to obtain that the previous two, it is also more precise. In fact only in this case we could discriminate the left psoas muscle from the tumor.

Lymphomas, among tumoral lesions, have the most variable geometry and are the most difficult to distinguish from the surroanding anatomic structures.

It enables and simplifies the selection of a tumoral region on each slice of a CT analysis, and computes the volume of the selected region.

Volume measurements can be used to better understand the course of the illness, providing a forecast on its alterations and permitting quantitative evaluation of the total mass and of its modification after teraphy, wich is useful either in clinical and research settings.

Smooth algorithms:

We have implemented two algorithms for smoothing generated ROIs.
In this image you can see how a generate ROI (left image) is smoothed by the first algorithm (center image) and then by the second one (right image).


Automatic selection This screenshot shows several selections obtained in an images stack starting from a single selection (click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version).

Interface An example of the current interface for the 3D plugin (click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version).

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